Tips for choosing the best hunting rifle

When thinking of hunting there will be a wide range of hunting rifles that you can choose and use for your hunting path but of course in order to choose the best you have to base on your requirement and the target of your hunting, meaning you will hunt what the birds, the bear or just for some hunting game. The following will be some tips for you to choose the most suitable hunting rifle for you depending on the types of quarries and other relevant factors.

Hunting rabbit or squirrel

If you are going to hunt some small quarries such as the rabbit or the squirrel, meaning the scope of the hunting will not be too much. Therefore, in line with that the hunting rifle should be some small kind. You can choose some small caliber rifle of Gamo manufacturer, for example you can choose the Gamo big cat 1200. This kind of hunting rifle can be used for small size of animal with the distance of around 30-35 m far from where you stand. One of the good features of this kind of product for small hunting rifle is that it has a safety lock which is very necessary for all kinds of hunting rifles. Another thing is that you can easily change the air rifle and the trigger of the hunting rifle but if you do not need to improve your hunting rifle, the product still goes well. On selection of the suitable pellets, normally going together with the hunting rifle the manufacturer will give you direction and hint on which will be the most suitable pellets for the hunting rifle. You can follow these instructions, however, during the time you hunt you can yourself identify which will be the pellets for your hunting rifle and for the hunting purpose. So when it comes you can change.

However, one of the disadvantages of the hunting rifle is that it is quite noisy but compared to other advantages the disadvantage can not be too much. There are also many other similar types which can fit your requirement in this case. You can base on the features of this type to find another for you.

Hunting foxes

When you are familiar and efficient at hunting rabbits or squirrels, then you would like to improve your hunting skills and of course trying to hunt some bigger quarries for example a fox. At that time, you have to upgrade your hunting rifle. You have to find some more powerful and accurate hunting rifle because a fox can run much faster and quite dangerous and not easy at all to access compared to smaller quarries. You have to buy more updated pellets. A larger caliber hunting rifle is advised in this case. You can choose some kind of Gamo silent cat air rifle with the caliber of 177. A website can provide you more information about this product.

Hunting moose

Moose is the largest kind of the deer family and of course it is smarter and quicker than the ordinary deer. Many hunters now are fond of hunting moose. You decide to change your hunting target and you wonder if you have to change your current hunting rifle or you can stay with your current now. The following hints will help you to answer your wonders and worries.

– What is your hunting skill level, it means do you think you are qualified to upgrade hunting skill? If you practice enough and you are confident to try a new target then it means you can be good at using hunting rifle. But it does not mean that you will be familiar with all types of hunting rifle, at least you will need sometimes to make it your partner for hunting.

– Do you have some knowledge about the new quarry. For example, you will have to know the place that the new target will come frequently, by identifying that you can identify the distance you can stand to shoot the target. By knowing the distance you can find down if the current hunting rifle can serve the distance.

– Another important thing is about the location. You can be used to flat and field locations. You understand the geographical location features very well as well as the wind, the climate and other external factors. But for the new location for instance in the river you may find it strange. And for different location, your hunting rifle has to changed, meaning you have to adjust the hunting mode or you have to change the pellets. Some cases you do not need to change the hunting rifle you only need to change the pellets then it can work very well.

– One more thing is that do you have the budget for a new hunting rifle. Of course, the best is that when you change the target you have to upgrade your hunting rifle. If you can afford, so you are advised to upgrade or buy a new one. But for a new one you have take time to make it familiar with you about the loud, the recoil capacity and the ease to pull the trigger also. Many hunters when they change their hunting rifle they may get some sore shoulders and fingers as the recoil of the larger hunting rifle will be much more than the smaller one they are used to it before.

In this case, a gamo silent stalker whisper can be a good choice. You can click here to find more information. This kind of product can be suitable for an upgraded from a smaller to the larger caliber hunting rifle.

You can ask experience and knowledge for the equivalent hunting rifle for each type of quarry from experts and advanced hunters who have a lot of practice and have undergone the real hunting of the quarry. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that it does not mean that someone else experience can be good for you all the time. Therefore, you have to base on your internal skills and own experience to decide.



How a Beginner can choose the best hunting gun

None can deny that the most important device for the hunting is the hunting gun. In order to shoot the target correctly and quickly you have to choose not the best but the most suitable hunting gun. For an experienced hunter, there will be no difficulties but for a beginner, he may find it confused when choosing the hunting gun for his hunting session. The following is my advice and tip on how to choose the good weapon for hunting, especially the hunting gun. There are a lot of considerations you have to take if you want to start your hunting career with a good hunting gun or the hunting rifle.

In order to pursue your hunting, you have to equip yourself with a hunting rifle not the hunting gun in general. The very first hunting rifle can be the simple one but gradually when the hunting skill improves and the budget is larger you can think of different kinds of hunting rifle such as a gamo silent cat air rifle by visiting the website for more information. However, at that time you should forget about that, just focus on the very first start of choosing the simplest hunting rifle for the beginner because it may take a hunter several years to find the great hunting rifle which can fit the hunter and can shoot exactly and properly.

So before coming into detailed advice the first important one is that at the very early stage you should not buy a very professional one when you know nothing about hunting devices and when your hunting experience is low. You should try to find some which are not too high quality, do not cost much and must be easy to use. Gradually, you can improve it otherwise you can feel disappointed with your investment. Of course, there can be some exception such as for some hunters they will use only one hunting rifle that they bought at the very first time. It could work with them for a whole hunting path.

The following steps can help you to choose the best hunting rifle for your hunting hobby.

– You should choose the hunting rifle based on your hunting experience

For example, if you are a beginner and you are not used to shooting you should try to find the hunting rifle which is light and easy to use. Informal hunting will and can not require a professional hunting rifle. In the market, there are many kinds of hunting rifle which is simple and not too expensive. When you talk about the simple hunting rifle, it means the rifle must be user friendly and easy to bring to the field trips. But regardless of types of hunting rifle you can choose you have to understand all the relevant features of the rifle, especially the safety instructions before use.

– The simpler the hunting rifle is, the better you will feel

For a beginner, the beginning hunting rifle must be easy and simple to use and to preserve. You can not know how easy it will be but have to practice shooting. By shooting you can feel the power of the hunting rifle, from then you can decide whether it is simple and easy to use or not. You should not buy the one which is hard to maintain, meaning you have to install all the time of using or there are some kinds of supplementary parts that you have to equip for it.

– You have to decide the purposes of using the hunting rifle

You go hunting it is the general purpose but some will hunt squirrel, others will hunt deer or rabbit while the rest can hunt bear. For each kind of hunting, or exactly each kind of quarry you can choose the equivalent kind of hunting rifle. Normal hunting rifle can be suitable for ordinary hunting while larger hunting can be for bear and will not be good for the beginner.

A hunting rifle can be the semi auto or full auto mechanism for hunting. If you are a starter you can choose the auto mechanism hunting rifle. There are many types of them, such as AR-15 or AK-47. You can find the categories of hunting rifle like this in the shop or you can ask the shopper or anyone who is good at the hunting knowledge.

The rifle of course is long and has some special features. It is for the purpose of hunting not for the purpose of self-defense so you have to take care of the purpose.

– You have to decide how much you will spend with your hunting rifle

If you go hunting so often, you have to choose the suitable one. You can choose it by selecting the hunting length and the numbers of cartridges. If you go hunting so often you can refer to the gamo silent stalker whisper, there is the website which can provide you more information about this kind of hunting rifle, Click here for more details.

– You have to base on your budget in order to find the most suitable one

If you go hunting for a deer, you will not need to spend huge money on a very professional one. The expensive one can be the one which can provide a wide range of benefits and advantages. It can have several shooting modes which can help you to shoot many kinds of quarries. You have to take this into consideration before buying.

– The features of the hunting rifles

You have to pay attention to the following parts of the hunting rifle such as cartridge, bullet weight, bullet type, rifle scope and so on. The cartridge is very important because it will affect the performance characteristics of the hunting rifle. The hunting rifle of course will be heavy because the bullet weight also takes its part in the hunting rifle. You have to choose the average one to make sure that it will not affect to the total weight of the hunting rifle while the rifle scope is very important because it will decide the safety of the hunting rifle.




Hunting traps (Part 2)

  • Types of trap

It is a first method to hunt because it is a simple and effective method. You just need set a trap in an appproprite position. While you wait an animal to step on your trap, you can do other jobs. Trap just has many types. Some types can kill animal immediately, some types can catch an alive animal but every trap always have some basic principles. So you just need to know some basic traps and you can create other traps which match with your terrain and case. Additionally, you also need to know about your object in order to create trap matching with your object. Big animal trap will be different with small animal trap or bird trap.

If your object is bird, animal, fish or dangerous animal so you must create a trap matching with them in order to catch them. Principle of trap is overriding, hanging upside down, stabing, catching and making choking bait. Trap can mix one or few principle that. When you design a trap, you should think about effect of your trap, how it works and what would make it activate.

  • Placing a trap

When you observe in reality, you will know a good place to set your trap. Almost all animals do not have a fixed place. By different time on day, they will find food, water and other things. Some animals usually go to a familiar place such as trail, river and so on. You can set your trap in some places below where animal usually go to there:

– The place has a lot of food.

– Along the two sides of stream.

– The pond, lake, puddle stick on dry season. Certainly, they will go to there to drink.

– Trails are created by animal or the place having cave.

– The mountain has many canyons where bird nest will be located.

In fact, you can set trap in many places. You should believe in your experience and do not believe in theories. You can create a good place where you will set your trap. If you see a trail which animals usually move around there so let set your trap in there. However, you should not set many traps in a place. If you set too many traps in a place so you will make that place lose its nature. However, you can set two traps next to a falling tree with one trap to the right and one trap to the left. If animals go over there so they will be trapped. That is one of many ways to set a simple and effective trap. Important thing is you must take advantage of the terrain. You also should set your trap which look like natural.

Additionally, you should use bait for you trap. However, using bait is an art. If you want to hunt a deer so you can not use a fish for your trap or hunting a squirrel with an apple. Depending on your object you must choose bait matching with your trap. Maybe everyone has known that. However, that is not too easy. If you use a corn for your trap but around is a cornfield so that it will not have effect. You should use many bait for your trap. You should cut your bait into many parts which you should put around your trap. When animals feed them so they will be trapped. If you lost bait but you can not find any animals in your trap so maybe biger animals and smaller animals have eaten your bait. You need choose new object and make a different trap which match with that object.

Hunting trap (Part 1)

In the past

In the ancient time, around 10.000 years ago, when the life of the prehistoric human being was very simple and in order to make a living people have to hunt and cook food based on what they can find in the forest. At that time people normally lived in the forest, they did not know how to produce things, just making a living by hunting and picking.

Therefore, hunting and picking was one of economic model of the society in the past. This was considered as naturally economic model through which all collected food coming from the picking up of available fruits, trees, vegetables and hunting of wild animals or collecting others such as nails, oysters and so on. At that time, people did not know how to grow plants, trees and vegetables as well as how to feed animals for meat.

At that time, people also did not know how to hunt; they did not have enough knowledge to make the hunting tool themselves. Therefore, actually it was not called as hunting. People usually collected the bodies of dead animals dying for eating because of other bigger animals or due to natural reasons. Gradually when the society was growing, collected food by this way could not provide enough food for all. Then they started thinking of making tool to hunt. Firstly, they cut the forest branch to have sharp and long stick to throw at the animals they intended to hunt. Later on it was developing into an arrow. But it only worked in some cases, for some bigger and quicker animals, it is not easy to hunt them by throwing the arrows. So they thought of another way, making them trapped in the trap. Hunting by trap, therefore, started developing.

Traps are popularly used nowadays

The trap from then on has been designed with more types and techniques. At the very first time, the trap was made of wood with simple structure to trap the leg of animals who step on that. With this kind of trap only small and weak animal are caught. Then people who were familiar with hunting started to use other materials for making the trap. Together with that, the society was growing very fast, giving people more chance of discovering and inventing new things. They can use metal materials to make the trap which makes the trap stronger and can react to the power of big animal when they try to escape from the trap. Popular traps are made of line or pieces of steel, iron.

Until now, trapping animal is still a popular way of hunting. However, the trap is much more modern than before with a wide range of type and size for different purpose of hunting and objectives of hunting. Some kinds of trap can help you to catch many animals at the same time. Sometimes, the trap is too modern and sharp so that if hunters are not careful, they themselves will be caught by their own traps.

Hunting Skills

In the ordinary condition, hunting can be very exciting. After the breeding season, animals normally develop very quickly. At that time it is very easy for hunters to hunt small and young animals. They can be the good food provider for you for the long time. But the problem is that can you be able to catch them effectively in terms of quantity?

There are 3 skills that make you a professional hunter: experience, reaction and technique. But many people think that there is also one element that the hunter must have is the ability and feeling to kill animal. Actually, you have to be able to kill animals if you want to be a hunter.

The first skill you have to improve is ability to identify target

A professional hunter will not spend his time on looking around everywhere to find targeted animals. It will waste effort and time. You must know which animals are living in this area and in other areas. If No, you should find some ways to know because it is the effective way for you to access to your targeted animal.  Very simple things but will ease your work a lots. The ability to identify the targeted animals is not too difficult to have or to be trained. You can be good at it after several times of hunting.

Another thing you have to learn is the characteristics of the targeted animals

Animal world is very large and you can not know all the things of that world. For example, all animals have teeth, even a small mouse or squirrel and of course they can bite you. A bite from them is small but can still create big problem if it is swollen. For some animals, they have a great motherhood motion. They will run immediately when they see you but if you do something harm to their children, they will fight against you immediately and by all costs. And when they are pressed, even nice animals such as deer can be very fierce. Animals living in flock can be more dangerous because all the flock will collide to you so that will be a time for you to struggle with a group of targeted animals. Each hunting session with different targeted animal can give you more experiences that book and mentor can not teach you.

Identifying targeted animals

You should know how to identify the targeted animals, meaning you can trace them by the left signals such as footprint in the land, bushes being step on, soil being dug, the waste, the hair, even the urine (usually the animals will use their urine to mark their area), special favor or sound, etc.   The knowledge must be learned by hunters through real hunting practice, not from any books and materials.

Approaching to the targeted animals

This step is much more difficult because it requires more technique such as movement, hiding, cheating and covering. The following tips will be some good advice for you.

  • If you want to approach your targeted animals you must not be identified by them. The best way is you have to hide yourself into the natural environment from favor to color.
  • The color of your dress must be the same with the surrounding; you should not bring any things which can reflect or produce lights such as watch, glasses and so on.
  • You should not bring with you something which can create sound such as chain of keys.
  • You should not wear perfume, oil or smoke when hunting because some animals are very good at smelling. They can easily identify you if there is some perfume around you. You can hide the perfume around you by hiding yourself in the bush, soil or mud.
  • In some case, if possible, you can imitate the sound of some animals. But you must be very confident doing that because it can give you some side effect if you do it wrongly.

Killing the targeted animals

  • If you are the young hunter, you may feel hesitant to kill the targeted animals. There is no advice on how to make you feel comfortable in killing animals. Only way is that practice will help you more.
  • If you use gun, try to shoot at the head, neck and scapula so the animals will lose life immediately.
  • You should use poisoned arrow if you want to hunt big animals. You must be careful with these things and you have to make sure that the arrow will target the heart of the animals.
  • In case you can not kill the big animals, they are just hurt; you can trace them by the blood signals they leave in the path. But you should be very careful in catching them at that time because they will be very dangerous at this time.

Types of trap

Trapping is the simplest way of hunting because of its simplicity and effectiveness. When you place the trap in a suitable position, and during the time you wait for the animals to be caught you can do other things. There are many types of traps. Some can kill the animals immediately while others can keep them alive. So if you know the basic principle of some traps you can develop yourself other types of trap depending on your purpose, living area of the hunting and others.

You have to identify the size of the animals you are going to catch to make the appropriate traps. Big animals should be suitable with big and strong trap.

Animals do not have fixed or permanent living places. In different time of the day, they will travel to different place to look for food, fruit, water and other things. Some will get used to travelling to the same path but anyway, by hunting in the real area you can identify yourself the place where animals will travel much. Set your traps there, then you can wait for your achievement.

Risks of using products from wild animal

Many epidemic diseases coming from trade, transportation of wild animal

Statistic shows that the trade, delivery, transportation and consumption of wild animal have increased the risk of spreading many epidemic diseases from animals to the human being. Accordingly, 70% of contagious diseases from animals to human being are from the wild animal.

SARS can be a very good example of how this will happen. This disease was identified as the disease coming from hoof of the horse. Then the disease spreads to other animals and at the very end transfers to the human being through eaten meat and food which get the disease. People can not be sure that if SARS will come back to the life of human being in the future or not because the virus can be somewhere outside in the atmosphere.

In the same context, the small pox is the disease coming from African monkey. The disease was released due to the illegal hunting and transportation of wild animal.

Therefore, it can be said that the hunting and transportation of wild animal is contributing to the spreading of epidemic and contagious diseases very quickly and easily.

Risks of using, consuming products from wild animals

Dangerous contagious diseases from wild animal are not transferred to the human being during the direct interaction of hunting, transportation, trading but also from the duration of consumption, using products of diseased animals. Researches show that some animals hunted in the forest and then selling in the restaurant for food can be the source of contagious disease. People eat these animal meat can get disease of stomach, kidney, liver or even effecting the brain.

Besides, the wrong use of products such as bear gall, rhinoceros horn, tiger bone glue and so on without the instruction of the doctor can give damage to health of the user. People often think that the gall, heart or bone of some wild animals is very good for health so by spending a high amount of money to buy those and try to eat and drink as much as possible with the hope to have better health. However, we can not know how these things are processed and if these things are taken from healthy animals. There are no official shop selling these kinds of things as killing wild animals for meat and organs are not allowed by the law.

Wild boar hunting

Generally speaking, wild boar hunting is the hunting of natural boar living in the forest or some remote areas in the countryside. Wild boar hunters must be very brave as the wild boar is very stubborn and dangerous, especially when having to face with big one with steep clutches and thick skin. For some people, hunting wild boar is a favorite hobby. In some places, hunting wild boar can be considered as a job for supplying food to make a living of some hunters. In some areas, especially near the forest, hunting wild boar is a way to prevent them from destroying the agricultural crops particularly when the wild boar will give birth to its children very quickly.

Wild boar characteristics

Wild boar is the oldest generation of pig. It comes from the middle of the European countries, but now they can be found everywhere. Normally, wild boar will be hunted for meat and as the purpose of preventing them from destroying the agricultural crops and forest ecosystem services. Pig is the multi-eating animal so they will eat everything. They will destroy the crops, transportation architecture, rivers and also create bad affects to the ecosystem services as they will eat birds, frogs, boneless animals and so on.

A male grown-up boar is extremely dangerous because he will be very fierce, quick and has sharp teeth and clutches which can kill people. Wild boar is cruel as they live in the forest for a long time. The sharp clutches are useful tool for them to fight against enemies which identifies them from the normally fed pig at house. Skin and hair of the wild boar are very thick like armor. Hence, it helps them to protect themselves towards fight of enemies as well as hunters.

In nature, wild boar is nearly the fiercest, when they are hurt they can dare to collide into a bigger buffalo or elephant. However, even though compared with other, wild boar is the most scared animal, but wild boar is a food of tiger. With the 2 sharp clutches, a wild boar can collide a big tiger but normally the tiger’s bite can kill a wild boar immediately. It is not too difficult to understand why it is like that because under the chain of food, some animals can eat other animals but still for themselves they will be the food of others. The bigger will eat the smaller one; it is the principle of animal life.

With its naturally wild characteristics, wild boar would like to devastate everywhere they go through. They also like digging in the bushy field. All the grasses will be eaten or stepped on and will die. Wild boar is very greedy so they are trying to eat all the corns and cassavas in the crops. Therefore, farmers have to set traps to catch them to protect the agricultural crops. When being caught, wild boar will be killed for meal. Actually, the meat of wild boar is considered a very good type of meat which can deserve really delicious meal.

The place where the wild boars live is in the forest or in the mountainous area with river below. Living in these places, wild boar can hide themselves under and inside the bush, the rock from the finding and look of enemies as well as hunters. In the spring, when the agricultural crops of corns, cassavas are ready for harvesting, wild boars will appear. It is also the time for hunting wild boar. However, one of the challenges that the hunters may face with when hunting is that wild boars normally go by flocks. So the hunters must know how to make them separate before hunting them.

Ways to hunt wild boar

The most popular way of hunting wild boar is to set a trap. Hunters will set traps around every where wild boar usually go. But they are very intelligent also, they can identify the trap position when they see its partners were caught. Next time they will not travel to these positions. So if you want to protect your crops, just put the traps around your agricultural crops, it will be an effective way to prevent wild boar to come close to your crops. But if you would like to hunt the wild boar for meat, you have to find which place will be the best place for hunting them.

Sometimes, you will find that no wild boar will be caught by all of your traps. You can not find any wild boar recently, they hide themselves very well. So, hunters have to use hunting dogs in this case.

But remember, the more hunting of the wild boar, the fiercer the wild boar will be. They will try to attack all human being when they see regardless of he or she is a hunter or not.